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Insurance Policy

Do you need to notify your insurance provider?


Just like when fitting bigger wheels or a performance exhaust, having a towbar fitted counts as a modification to the vehicle, as it was not part of the original manufacturers factory specification. Due to this you will need to inform your insurance provider that a towbar has been fitted to allow your policy to be adjusted.


Does the cost of my policy increase increase with a towbar?

In most cases insurers will not increase the cost of your policy. This does depend on who your policy provider is. You may, however, be charged an amendment charge or service fee for adding the towbar to an existing policy.

Will my towbar be covered for any damage?

One of the main reasons you should inform your insurance provider about the towbar is that it should be covered by your insurance, as long as it is on your insurance policy, should anything happen to the towbar.

In the event of a rear collision, light or otherwise, were the towbar has prevented any damage to the vehicle, the towbar would need to be sent back to the manufacturer to be stress tested. This is done to check if the towbar has taken any underlying damage. However, due to the cost of a stress test a towbar, it is more cost effective to have the towbar replaced with a new one instead.

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