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AL-KO Stabiliser

Towing with an AL-KO stabiliser.


With some caravans, you will find it has an AL-KO stabiliser on the coupling. This does require more clearance, then standard couplings, between the caravan hitch and vehicle. You can tell if the caravan has an AL-KO stabiliser by whether it has a larger handle on the hitch, usually red in colour, with AL-KO written on it. Usually towballs are suitable for an AL-KO stabiliser, the only exception being with a standard fixed flange towball. As a standard fixed flange is not compatible with the stabiliser there is an AL-KO ball accessory to allow fixed flange towballs to tow an AL-KO caravan.

Swan-neck towballs, both fixed and detachable, and ball + pin towballs are usually designed to have the clearance necessary for an AL-KO stabiliser.

Usually detachable flange detachable flange towbars are supplied with AL-KO compatible towballs.


Regardless of which towbar you chose, once fitted it is highly recommended you check the clearance with the stabiliser before its first use, as using an AL-KO stabiliser on a towball without the correct clearance could cause lasting damage or the caravan could unhitch while driving.

Clearance required for the stabiliser varies depending on the model of AL-KO stabiliser.-

  • AKS1300 - 65mm clearance.

  • AKS2004 - 67mm clearance.

  • AKS2007 - 60mm clearance.

  • AKS3004 - 68mm clearance.


To check the clearance on your towball, measure from the centre of the towball to the nearest point of contact with the vehicle.

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